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More than any other tool, our personal stories have the power to change hearts and minds. Why do you support equal rights for all couples? Why do you care about marriage equality? Everyone has a story that is poignant, powerful, and emotional. Are you seeking the right to marry? Have you seen your child, sibling, or friend denied equal rights due to his or her sexuality? Perhaps you think establishing equal rights for all people is simply the right thing to do. Tell us why.

It is through sharing stories of the real-life effects of discrimination, as well as personal stories of support, that we have the power to influence change in Washington State. Whether you are an LGBT individual or a straight ally, you can help ERW's efforts by lending your voice.

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One Minute for Marriage

Video testimonials have proven to be vital campaign tools, connecting state representatives to their district supporters and encouraging a diverse audience to express their wish for marriage equality.

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We hope you've shared your story with us by using the tools above. Now share your thoughts and perspective with your community newspaper by writing a letter to the editor.

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