Every day, LGBT people face inequalities that just don’t make sense, from small acts of discrimination to ones with tragic consequences. The hard reality is that we find out what rights we don't have when we need them the most. For many of us, that means that we have to ask ourselves, am I protected?

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Charlene's Story

Charlene Strong lost her partner Kate Fleming after a tragic flooding incident in Seattle in late 2006, and was nearly barred from seeing Fleming in her last moments of life. Strong’s heart-wrenching testimony about the hospital ordeal helped prompt Washington State to pass domestic partnership protections for same-sex couples. The award-winning feature documentary for my wife chronicles Strong’s journey through tragedy to activism.

About the ERW Education Fund

The Equal Rights Washington Education Fund is a 501(c)(3) organization, and is the public education arm of the ERW family of organizations. Through the Education Fund, ERW can organize, educate, communicate, and recruit supporters to our ranks through broad-based issue education unrelated to current legislation. A significant portion of the work conducted through ERW is done through the Education Fund. In many ways, the Education Fund is the organization that allows us to work on “changing hearts and minds” throughout the state on a myriad of LGBT issues. The Education Fund has a separate board from the other organizations. All contributions to the Equal Rights Education Fund are tax deductible.